Scrub Sample Box

Scrub Sample Box

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Treat yourself to the ultimate team makeover with our Scrub Sample Box. Get a variety of sizes and colors without ever having to leave the comfort of your office. Plus, an order form is included with the box so you can place orders on your own schedule. Simple and convenient - now that's what we call a scrub win!

Here is a breakdown of how it works:

1. Request a Scrub Sample Box by scheduling it through our site. Its free!

2. Tell us what your team is looking for. Be specific, tell us colors, sizes needed, and any special requests.

3. We send a Scrub Sample Box to the address that you provided. You keep the box for 1 week, typically 5-7 business days. Once we confirm that everyone has had a chance to place an order. We pick up the scrub sample box and place your group's order.

4. Scrubs are delivered to your office. Easy-Peasy!