Our Story

Hello! Meet the family!

I'm Michelle and this is my family. My husband's name is Bob, and we have 3 children: Leah, Waylon, Madeline and a dog named Poppy. Why is this important, you ask? Because we are so much more that 'just a store'- we are the business. And every aspect of this business is driven and inspired by my supportive family.

Why Uniforms?

To put it simply, 3 out of 4 people in our family wore a uniform for school or work. I worked at the local hospital as an exercise physiologist, Bob is in public safety and our children attend a local Catholic School.  We live in a beautiful, rural area of Central Texas and the nearest uniform store is over 60 miles away. Finding uniforms was a struggle and not very convenient for our busy family. 

It didn't take long to realize that we could not be the only ones facing this same struggle. Then BOOM! The idea for the business was born and I willingly stepped into the world of entrepreneurship. Our first opening occurred in August of 2017 - just before Hurricane Harvey visited Texas. Our store was flooded and we lost everything. The second opening was in Jan 2018 - luckily, we didn't have a natural disaster ruin that opening. But like many, we did get to experience the effects of the 2020 pandemic. To really get a grasp of what we've faced in the last few years, we encourage you to view our Instagram story here: OUR STORY

My vision was to start a business that provided a convenient buying experience coupled with high quality merchandise at reasonable prices. I wanted my store to also carry a sense of community because I strongly believe in supporting local causes and local economies.  I want our customers, who are also my personal friends, to enjoy shopping with me.

Since 2017, we have made it our mission to serve our customers with superior products and conveniences while also finding ways to give back to the community that we serve. We partner with other local business to support community involvement and continue to seek philanthropic opportunities every day. Hello Uniforms has established a strong presence with its community of customers and delivers results that are worthy of its reputation.